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"I highly recommend Jenny for parents seeking help navigating co-parenting, or individual support post-separation. Jenny helped with co-parent counseling between my ex and I. We had been through several counselors and frequently in and out of court over a three-year period prior to working with her. I knew from my initial conversation with her that she would be able to understand our situation, particularly the Domestic Violence issues, and address them with compassion and diplomatically. I felt like I could talk to her in a candid manner without feeling scared of repercussions. What I appreciate most about Jenny’s approach is how she leads with the child’s best interest in mind in order to help guide parents towards resolutions. As a mother who only wants the best for her child, I had peace of mind knowing Jenny had my child’s interest at heart. Jenny was responsive and dedicated to helping us find solutions tailored to our specific needs through every step of our journey. Thank you Jenny for all the work you are doing to help parents through these difficult times!!!"

"Jenny Ward changed my life! Well, that isn't completely accurate. The reality is that Jenny gave my life back to me. For many years, I had been slowly sinking into the muck of the status quo, overwhelmed by deadlines, office politics, and personal fears. I was miserable and my days had become a life-draining bore. In a couple of brilliant workshops and speeches, Jenny reminded me of who I had been, who I wanted to be--and helped me to find the joy of authenticity and play that I wanted in my life. Jenny is creative, caring, fun, wise beyond her years, and most of all, she can tap into the hearts of her audience and spark a renewal of energy, passion, and purpose. You won't be the same after an encounter with Jenny Ward."

- Derek

"Jenny provided support, information and resources throughout my divorce process which enabled me to be more informed and confident at my deposition, court appearances and interviews with a Guardian-ad-litem. She helped me reach an acceptable agreement in a more timely manner by developing a strategy to deal with an irrational spouse, censor my emotions in communications and focus on the tasks at hand. Jenny gave me strength to push through even the most difficult parts of the process. Through my interactions with Jenny, I have learned how to communicate with my ex-husband, how to navigate the system and how to be a supportive and understanding parent to my child. When going through my divorce, there were a lot of voices and opinions. Jenny was the voice I turned to each time because she witnessed my experience and provided advice based on her own experience and her vast knowledge of how the system actually works and how people tend to behave."

-  Julie Graham Boston, MA

"I am writing this letter in support of Jenny Ward, MFA to recommend her for consulting and help families and children in a meaningful way. I first met Jenny in 2018, at a class she taught.. My Nanny and I found her class to be engaging with lots of personal stories. After the class I privately asked if she would be interested in working with my family, (2 small children, and nanny) since I was going through a terrible divorce. Jenny gave me her email and we set up some dates to talk on the phone as well as an in-home visit. She met with my children in our home on several occasions and was a huge support to my family during our time of transition. She worked with me on creating boundaries with my ex-husband and provided the support I so desperately needed to be a better mother to my children. Since Jenny also has extensive knowledge of the court system she was also instrumental in providing guidance to myself and the representing councils. Jenny, was always easily accessible either by phone or by e-mail and was timely in returning messages. Her compassion, interpersonal skills and life experiences make her an ideal candidate to provide greater support to others."

- Pamela Piacente Belmont, CA

"I met Jenny Ward at free class and the topic she was teaching was something I needed guidance with. Let me tell you how blown away I was right from the energy she was putting out from her topic. I knew from that day forward she was going to be my person to coach myself and my family. She is so warm and most important REAL. I felt I could instantly trust her after meeting her for only an hour. Going forward I asked her to be our family coach and I have to say she has changed my life.I can depend on her to help me cope with life stress. She is so encouraging and makes you know you are stronger than why you think. When I’m having a day, week, or month I know she will be there for us and I love that. Sometimes just having your person to help you through whatever life throws at you just makes that much smoother to get through. She always checks in with us to let know she is here for us and is thinking of us. I would definitely recommend her and LOVE Jenny for her devotion to our family. We are a blended family of 6 and Jenny helps each one of us to our individual needs. She’s the best!"

- Christina M. San Jose, CA

"Jenny is a true master when it comes to working with kids. She knows how to connect deeply, and also how to help kids connect to what they are feeling and better process those tough emotions. She helped our 10 year old daughter with her school related anxiety, and gave her the tools to better cope in a high-stress classroom. We are forever grateful to her."

- Carla Philbrick Belmont, CA.

"Jenny is an incredible teacher, knowledgeable and warm. We have been doing family yoga with her for years. She teaches with humor and patience, and we feel super relaxed yet feel that we have worked out at the end of every session. We hope to keep working with her in the years to come. She has helped our family practice joy and mindfulness."

- Sheila & Ketan Kothari Palo Alto, CA

"Jenny Ward has been an amazing yoga teacher for our teenage daughter. As this was our daughter's first yoga experience, we wanted a teacher who would easily connect with her. Jenny is patient, kind and a great listener. Our daughter enjoys working with Jenny and feels comfortable sharing her feelings or asking questions about yoga or about life in general. We are grateful to Jenny and think that she has provided our daughter with tools she can use her entire life."

- Nick and Michelle Sturiale Los Altos, CA

"I wish I'd met Jenny $200K ago. Jenny has what my attorney doesn't have, she's lived the high conflict experience. She absolutely gets it and shares the perspective I've needed. I'm in a better position to strategize in my case, with a long-term view, by working with Jenny. "

- Brian T. Alameda CA