Child- Centered Mediation

Facilitative and Evaluative

Divorce Coach and Consultant

Child Advocate & Coach in Divorce

Child-Centered Mediation

Parent Coordinator and Special Master

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Child- Centered Mediation Facilitative and Evaluative

  • Facilitate communication protocol with parents, specifically high conflict or new divorce parent plans.
  • Child centered evaluative approach to transitions, holidays and communication for parents.
  • Facilitate better communication between parents to ease disruption on children.

Jenny’s clear focus on the overall need of children helps facilitate the process of separating in a clear and focused way for both parents, in a hard and emotional time. Clear parenting plans, set co-parenting goals, or parallel parenting goals are important to create a consistent and child-centered path. Jenny also provides resources to support children’s transitions between both homes and ways to build the family system so kids are prioritized and the center. Jenny also shares resources for parents to get the support needed in their own grief, pain, betrayal, and stress during a hard and challenging transition.
Evaluative is setting a plan based on what is needed case by case for the family system and can be reviewed based on developmental needs of child/ren.

Benefits of  child-centered mediation :
1- puts children first
2- less stress for both parties
3- can be done separately if needed
4- privacy is protected
5- learn effective tools in communication particularly in conflict
6- allows for greater post divorce stability
7- less impact ( conflict) on children
8- cost effective

$200 per hour sliding scale upon request

This is a letter of recommendation for Jenny Ward. Jenny has led several parent groups that I have participated in over the last year as well as advised me as a private client. I have used the services of mediators in the past and Jenny has been far and away from the best. Not only has she provided me with practical strategies and techniques, but she has done so with compassion and patience. The business of the family court and mediation can be a contentious and high-stress endeavor. Jenny brings both warmth and pragmatism to the table and I will be forever grateful for her guidance during one of my toughest times. I endorse her wholeheartedly and without reservation.

– B. Dyer